Company Story & Founder

Curline Kelly

Goud Teacakes is a company founded on the recipe of my late Grandmother Curline Kelly. (1934-2020) She is from Coldspring, Tx where she learned the art of making Teacakes from a recipe that has been passed for generations.
Her Teacakes were square and flat so when we at Goud Teacakes were creating our product we wanted to stay true to the tradition of the square shape from my Grandmother’s recipe.
If you are unfamiliar with what a Teacakes is it originally came to America as a Crumpet. When it made it here through the southern region it became a Teacake as people would enjoy them with your morning Tea.

Apache Goudeau

Apache Goudeau, a proud native Houstonian, is the owner of Goud Teacakes. A U.S. Army veteran, Author, and Texas Southern University graduate, he successfully joined the football team despite having no prior experience. Dedicated to family and community leadership, Apache established Goud Teacakes to honor his Grandmother's World Famous teacake recipe and carry on her legacy!